Route Canal Treatment, Ashford, Kent

If you want to avoid losing your tooth, this treatment involves a process during which infection is removed from the root canal of the tooth, which isroot-canal then thoroughly cleaned and filled. A temporary filling will be provided initially, and a follow up appointment will determine whether the procedure has been successful in removing infection. If infection has been eradicated to the fullest extent, your tooth will then be filled for protection.

For added protection of a tooth that has undergone root canal therapy, your dentist may recommend that you cap the tooth with a crown. This will give the tooth extra stability and strength. Regular check-ups will be required for any patients who undergo root canal therapy. This is so that our dentist can help maintain the long term health and care of the tooth that has been treated.

The alternative to root canal therapy is to have your tooth extracted. The reason for this is that once the pulp within the tooth is damaged or infected, it cannot heal or recover and therefore requires treatment of some kind.


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