Your First Appointment at Sunnyside Dental, Ashford, Kent


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing Sunnyside Dental Practice – a leading private dental practice in Ashford,Your First Appointment at Sunnyside Dental, Ashford, Kent
Kent. Let us put your mind at rest. Here is an explanation of what you can expect in your first appointment.

Your first appointment is an important two-way communication between our dentists and yourself in order to discover any concerns you might have about your mouth, whether large or small. Whilst ensuring you are fully at ease, we will conduct a thorough examination and explain exactly where any problem areas might lie.

Here is our comprehensive 12 point Dental Health and Smile Check:

  1. We will ask you how healthy you feel your teeth and gums are. We want to help you maintain a healthy mouth for life!
  2. We will ask you if you think there are any problems in your mouth you wish to address. As there are lots of medical conditions and medications you might be taking, that do affect dental health and, if we are to do a complete assessment of your dental health each time, we need to know about these.
  3. We will ask about lifestyle factors that may influence your dental health (stress, smoking, alcohol), as there are well documented links between mouth health and heart health.
  4. We will check your daily routine to maintain your dental health.
  5. We will give you the opportunity to share your thoughts on aesthetics, on your satisfaction with appearance of your smile.
  6. We will thoroughly check your teeth for their health and bite.
  7. We will check health and stability of your restorations.
  8. We will check the health of your gums and discuss any action that might be needed to combat potential risks of gum damage or inflammation.
  9. We will assess the presence of plaque. Assessment of the presence of soft plaque deposits is the easiest way to tell if the mouth is really healthy. If you can control it every day, you will be more successful in preventing the formation of hard deposits.
  10. We will look at your neck, muscles and glands in your neck and jaw joint.
  11. We will check the roof of your mouth, the tongue, lips, cheeks and skin for health. This is a screening for oral cancer.
  12. We will check the health of hidden areas and bone, by taking x-rays and photographs of your teeth and smile.

During the course of the examination, we will ask you to tell us about any pills, potions, lotions or sprays you use or take regularly and whether you could be allergic to anything dentally related, such as mouthwash or latex ? If you are a lady, we will ask you if you could be pregnant or menopausal.

If you smoke, it is even more important for us to keep an eye on your gum health. Particularly if you smoke and drink alcohol at the same time. If you are stressed, there is a chance that you may be more susceptible to the factors that cause gum problems and there may also be other health problems linked with this. We are beginning to understand that there are links between how the body responds to stress and the potential for heart problems. This may also be linked to how your body responds to gum inflammation. We now believe that, as dental health professionals, we can reduce your risks by helping you control gum inflammation !

When you visit Sunnyside Private Dental Practice in Ashford, we will gather the relevant information, digital records of your teeth and any dental work (charting). We will then produce a written treatment plan along with prices and an estimate for when your second visit is needed.


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