Making You Comfortable at Ashford, Kent


As many as 25% of the population are nervous about visiting the dentist and all our staff are aware of this statistic and are appropriately trained in how to make nervous patients feel more at ease.



You may have:

- Fear of dental treatment or environment
- Past traumatic dental experiences
- Have not received dental treatment for many years


Whilst there will, of course, be no difference in the quality of treatment that you will receive at Sunnyside Dental whatever time of day you visit us, it may help to book your appointment with us early in the morning. That way you will spend less time during the day contemplating the appointment.

You may also choose to start with a less intensive dental treatment, such as a scale and polish, for example, so that you familiarise yourself withe the feeling of being in the dentist's chair and undergoing treatment before progressing to further treatments.


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