Fillings and Inlays, Ashford, Kent

Fillings are treatments used to treat cavities caused by tooth decay, or where teeth have been excessively worn. Aesthetically friendly Sunnyside Dental Practice is able to offer tooth-coloured fillings.

The dentist’s first step in the process of providing filling treatment for a patient is to remove any areas of the tooth that have been damaged by decay. They will then clean the tooth fully, ready for the application of the filling. All of this will usually be done under local anaesthetic and is therefore painless.

After you have had a filling, it is important that you are careful not to knock or bump your mouth, and you must also try to avoid foods that are especially hard or sticky.
2 hours later and her smile looked so much brighter. Vicky’s old ugly fillings are history now. She said: “had I known that changing these fillings was so simple, I would have done it years ago!”

Tooth-coloured fillings are are designed to match the shade of the existing teeth and are therefore more cosmetically viable than traditional filling options. They can also be used to ‘top-up’ the edges of teeth that have been cracked, worn, or broken.

Inlays & Onlays

An Inlay or Onlay looks almost like a ceramic piece of jewellery, it is a form of a porcelain filling (either part or full) bonded into place to protect the tooth from chewing.
Inlays and Onlays are custom made in our dental laboratory by our highly skilled technicians to fit into or over your tooth. They are used when there is insufficient tooth structure to support a directly placed filling. This is carried out over two appointments, the first of which is used to prepare the tooth, take impressions and place a temporary inlay. At the second appointment the permanent porcelain Inlay or Onlay is bonded to the tooth.

Which is the best treatment for me?

This depends on the tooth and the degradation of the tooth. During an initial consultation we will recommend an appropriate course of treatment for you, so you can make your decision.

Is there any long term maintenance required?

No, however we strongly recommend regular appointments with our dental hygienist or therapist to ensure longevity in your treatment as well as regular dental health checks with the dentist.


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