Dental Hygiene at Sunnydale Dental, Ashford, Kent

At Sunnyside Dental it is no longer necessary to see a dentist before booking a Dental Hygiene appointment. We offer direct access to our hygienists to all patients without having to be registered members of the practice.

Please read the GDC statement on Direct Access by clicking here

The 2009 Adult dental health survey showed 54% of the population to have bleeding gums and 45% to have active periodontal (gum) disease. Please find  more information on gum disease and how it can be treated on our Treatment Guide page. Sunnyside Dental has a menu of dental hygiene services designed to suit your differing needs and requirements.

We aim to offer a new approach to make high quality dental care accessible to all.



The Healthy Smile £68.80  (Non Members £86)

Concerned about your oral health ? Worried about unsightly staining ? We offer you the answers to your concerns with our Healthy Smile program. It is designed specially for those who are new to Sunnyside Dental or have higher dental health needs.

First we will assess your oral health and advise you on your treatment needs. Then using a fine ultrasonic scaler we will gently remove any deposits of calculus (hard plaque). We will then use an air polisher to remove any stubborn stains. Your teeth will not only feel clean, but they will look much brighter.

If we find out that you have gum disease that requires further treatment, we will offer to refer you to one of our dentist colleagues for a full assessment.

The Maintenance Smile / Part of our Practice Plan service (Non Members £42)

For those who wish to maintain a healthy mouth. First we will assess your oral health and advise you on your treatment needs. Then using a fine ultrasonic scaler we will gently remove any deposits of calculus (hard plaque). Finally we will use a polishing paste to smooth away any rough edges to a glistening finish.

The Express Smile £35.20  (Non Members £44)

For those who are very busy and want an instant result. We will use an air polisher to remove any stain from your front teeth.

The Smokers Polish £107.20  (Non Members £134)

Smoking leads to visible stain and build up on your teeth. Here at Sunnyside Dental we will remove all the possible to remove stain to restore your natural smile. Your teeth will look much brighter. Using a combination of three techniques: ultrasonic therapy, air polishing and polishing pastes, we will do everything that is possible to restore your natural smile. We won’t  judge you! If you request we are able to talk about other options to restore the damage caused to your teeth and gums by smoking.

The Braced Smile £46.40  (Non Members £58)

Wearing a brace can cause damage to your teeth unless they are perfectly healthy. You should consider the health of your teeth and gums at all stages of your orthodontic treatment.


We will ensure your gums are healthy before starting treatment. We will also discuss your diet and provide fluoride supplements to maintain a healthy smile.


We will use an ultrasonic scaler to remove any hard plaque and stain that has accumulated in those hard to get areas around your brace. We will show you how to take care of your teeth and discuss any preventative fluoride supplements which may help reduce decay.


We will remove any remaining brace glue and hard plaque which has built up whilst you were wearing your brace. We will polish your teeth and discuss any necessary restorative therapy for a perfect finish to your treatment.


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